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Transnational Training Material

The aim of this activity is to enhance start up companies by providing to them wide range of information and training possibilities as well as network them with the advanced companies in order to lower the threshold and the risk for start up companies. The material produced in the project will be collected together, modified as a general information package on hunting tourism and made available via the Internet.

The basic material will be transferred to training materials and tested  in the pilot courses which will be planned by the education organisations participating to the project (partners or co-operation partners). To guarantee the widest possible use of the material, the parts with transnational relevancy is translated to national languages of partners. The material and courses will be revised based on the feed back from the pilots.

The Fact sheet presenting the traning material package

What is hunting tourism?

Criteria & etiquette

Product & business development

Best practices

Sales & marketing



Links to training material in other languages:

In Finnish

In Icelandic

In Swedish 

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Content presentation

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