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There are two main partners in Scotland, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute (MA) and University of Aberdeen, Department of Geography and Environment.

The University of Aberdeen is Scotland's third oldest, and the fifth oldest in the UK. Aberdeen is an international university built on serving one of the most dynamic regions of Europe. With over 13,000 students, and over 3000 staff, we are at the forefront of teaching and research in medicine, the humanities and sciences, and have a long-standing tradition of international, cross-disciplinary research in the rural arena.

Within Geography & Environment, ‘sustainability science’ is an important focus of research, covering various interactions between humans, environments and landscapes. We recognise the need to address environmental concerns at global, national and regional/local scales by transcending natural and social science research traditions. Specific research interests cover processes, knowledge systems and valuation techniques in environmental decision-making, a well as investigating integrative research concepts and approaches that facilitate cooperation across disciplinary boundaries.

Founded in 1930, the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute is an international centre for research and consultancy on the environmental and social consequences of rural land uses. Interdisciplinary research across the environmental and social sciences aims to support the protection of natural resources, the creation of integrated land use systems, and the development of sustainable rural communities.

With an annual income from research and consultancy of over £11M, the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute is the largest interdisciplinary research organisation of its kind in Europe. At Macaulay the 300 staff and postgraduate students are drawn from over 25 countries, and conduct research in Scotland, across Europe and internationally, with a wide range of partner organisations.

The research undertaken provides evidence that will help shape future environmental and rural-development policy both in Scotland and internationally.


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