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Hunting tourism is today a little known and hence an insufficiently utilized resource for regional development in Northern Europe. Hunting tourism has however been identified as one potential form of tourism in the Northern periphery that is important for regional development.

Those reliant upon hunting and who have had it as a traditional way of life are becoming fewer and fewer partly due to rural depopulation. As a result hunting has been increasingly a hobby of urban dwellers but has as yet to realise its potential as a business opportunity.

The development of hunting tourism requires objective information on the sector before actual development can be successfully launched by SMEs. There has been a wide interest in this information among SMEs and other actors in the sector. The lack of information has been one of the main reasons for failure in many development activities in the past. The sector has in many cases been developed from the basis of presentiments and the problems confronted in development processes have not been solved. To develop innovative enterprises and entrepreneurship in hunting tourism, business ideas need to be created along with activities in training, market analysis, marketing and product development.

In addition there is a lack of social acceptance for hunting tourism as a business in some regions of the North. Lack of successful and sustainable business models in the sector and lack of management of the game population fluctuations, are also constrains in the development of hunting tourism. At the moment relevant information for hunting tourism companies concerning these issues is scattered or does not exist at all. There is a clear need for objective business-orientated information, new solutions and better dissemination of existing research results so that they can form a basis of practical business concepts for sustainable (ecologically, socially and economically) rural entrepreneurship. The same kind of problems has been clearly identified in other relatively similar nature tourism sectors e.g. concerning fishing tourism.

There is very little training or education material available concentrating on hunting tourism as a business. This has resulted in the lack of interest by this sector of tourism in general training courses offered e.g. to rural entrepreneurs. 


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